In The Future,
We may own much less and share much more.
And if we do, It will all be down to BIG DATA.
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Why WOS?
The sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption or the peer economy, bringing these peer-to-peer interactions online has imbued these interactions with heftier economic impact. Online platforms that allow these users to interact have the capability of tapping into a massive audience.
WOS is creating a community of sharing economy around the globe to understand their lifestyle and behaviour by using THREE CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGIES. When resources are mobilized, every single consumer pays less for what they desire.
Challenges of Big Data
High Operational Cost
Data-related management technologies and architectures require huge resource support.
Lack of Manpower
Multi-faceted talents are needed to cope with the comprehensive control of mathematics, statistics, data analysis and other aspects.
Low Reliability and Quality
Inefficient handling of raw and funneled data sets collected
Numerous trials and fixings are needed to get the required data.
Data Security
Data being hacked and/or leaked
Overview of WOS Tech
Internet of Things
Data Capture
Artificial Intelligence
Data Analysis
Immutable Record
Smart Contract
WOS platform provides a streamlined and efficiency project fundraising solution, which saves time, effort and deliver higher returns to the BIG DATA genration facility developers.
WOS Projects
Malaysia's first unmanned clothing rental platform. Smart devices to further enhance the shopping experience.
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Sensor can analyze the driver's condition, collect data such as driving records . OBD can also diagnose vehicle performance and analyze driving patterns.
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Booking through the online platform. The workspace utilize face recognition, blockchain and IoT to drive devices.
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A one-stop solution platform that can beapplied in different industries for reservation, booking and ticket purchase to make our life easier.
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Q3 2017
Hiring team/Self-funded research and development begins
Q4 2017
Platform architecture/development
Q1&Q2 2018
Partnership sign off/ OdaNow
Q3&Q4 2018
Co+ Working Space development
Q1&Q2 2019
Wardrobe app launch
Q3 2019
Smart Drive development
Q4 2019
Integrated data across platform
Q1 2020
Foreign Partnership
Q2 2020
WOS Asia Expansion
Q3 2020
WOS Foundation
Startegic Partner
Official Media
Strategic Alliance
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